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In every living being, there is a depth of beauty and life to be discovered.

Every human, every animal ever born, was created wonderfully.

I am in awe of all that surrounds me. Moss-covered rocks and trees.

The strut of a peacock. A child’s trusting eyes.

A squirrel scampering along a branch.

Morning dew on purple and red roses. Snowflakes in motion.

Fields of black and pink tulips. Laughter etched on a grandfather’s face.

A group hug with my family. Being sprayed by a waterfall.

Crunching snow underfoot.

Tea and crumpets with a friend. A newborn’s gurgle.

Holding the hand of a terminally-ill friend. Touching a beaver’s tail.

The strength of a horse. The wisdom of a grandmother.

The stories of the elders. The songs of the broken-hearted.

Life is painful, life is beautiful! It’s a photo, waiting to be snapped;

a story to be written, a song to be sung.

It’s life for you and me.

Ingrid Brunkhorst Hurrell

welcome to my world

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